Gadgets for Your Automobile

Have an automobile that needs spruced up a bit? Check out some of the latest gadgets that will make your automobile a "one of a kind"!!


Technology To the Next Level!

I don’t know about you but it seems as though right when I get comfortable with a gadget in my car there is a new gadget that is “supposed” to be newer and better on the market.  More data, more space, more SOMETHING!  I just can’t seem to keep up with the ever-changing market of gadgets.  The price of these new gadgets are not cheap either!  So today, I am going to tell you about the best and worst gadgets on the market.  First, I think we all can agree that the key-less drive systems are one of the coolest inventions on the market.  Tim from Dealer Locksmith explains that you can simply just leave your keys in your pocket or purse and drive away! You won’t need a local locksmith anymore either! On Star allows great navigation, hands-free calling and terrific immediate safety benefits if you are in an accident.  On Star also can track a car if it is stolen and actually stop the car remotely.  Amazing!   Here is an additional list of some of the top ten car gadgets in 2014.

  • Alcosense Digital Breathalyser Lite

  • EE Buzzard in-car 4G Hotspot

  • Garmin Dash Cam 20

  • iODB2 Engine Data Reader

  • Garmin nüvi 3598LMT-D

  • Macally dMount

  • Parrot Asteroid Tablet

  • Pure Highway H260DBi DAB/CD in-car entertainment

  • Parrot Minikit Neo

  • TomTom Go 40

Here is a great video of the 2014 CES show in Las Vegas featuring the best new car gadgets!  Some of these new gadgets will blow you away!

Cool Car Gadgets

With everything being touchscreen these days cars are basically like a computer.  Most navigation systems are multipurpose with music, maps and more.  There are also XM tv’s you can install in the backseat of your car for children to keep busy while on road trips.  Rear seat entertainment is becoming more and more popular to keep back seat passengers pacified!  Most new cars are equipped with Bluetooth with makes it easy to stream calls inside the car and also music.  Instead of having to dig for your phone in your purse or pocket you can easily answer your phone by the touch of a button usually on the steering wheel.  This little feature in my opinion is priceless with safety in mind.  Another cool feature I am seeing on newer models is voice command.  You can hit a button and say call so and so or say a place you want to go such as a gas station or coffee shop and it will find the nearest location for you.


Technology and Windshields

Don’t forget about the windshields. Windshields are the only layer between you and the elements outside. Fortunately, we have some amazing auto glass gadgets that can make your life easier. For these specialized windshields, that can be found in Phoenix, you’re going to need an experienced windshield replacement or auto glass technician to install them to the correct safety level. If you’re in Luck if you live in Phoenix, Arizona as only Clear Diamond Auto Glass can install these windshields correctly and safely.